Data Policy

Data Policy

Last Updated: 18th August 2021

At Roaring Infotech, we are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of our users. As part of our data protection practices, we provide users with the ability to request the deletion of their personal data from our systems. This Data Deletion Instruction Policy outlines the process for users to request the deletion of their data and the steps we take to fulfill these requests.

Data Deletion Request Process

Users can submit a data deletion request by contacting our support team through The request must include sufficient information to identify the user and the data to be deleted.

Verification of Request

Upon receiving a data deletion request, we will verify the identity of the requester to ensure the security of the process. This may involve requesting additional information or documentation from the user.

Data Deletion Process

Once the request and identity verification are complete, we will proceed with the deletion of the requested data from our systems. This process will be carried out promptly and securely to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Confirmation of Deletion

After the data deletion process is completed, we will notify the user via email or other appropriate means to confirm that their data has been successfully deleted from our systems.

Retention of Deletion Records

We maintain records of data deletion requests and their fulfillment for compliance and audit purposes. These records include details of the request, verification process, and confirmation of deletion.

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